What is BioPharma Investigator
We match Investigators to Sponsors and their needs

BioPharma InvestigatorTM is a new way to find and engage investigators for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, nutritional and other manufacturers performing clinical research studies.  Rather than sending blind faxes or emails to physicians based on medical specialization or perceived capabilities, obtained and derived from purchased data, BioPharma InvestigatorTM collects actual data directly from physicians and research sites.

We work with all the sites that are in our database by collecting information about their capabilities, infrastructure and experience.   We store all the basic demographic site information and make it available on demand to companies looking for research sites.  Not only do we collect and store the site capability information, we update that information regularly to make sure that we provide the most up to date information to our sponsor clients.  By setting criteria, sponsor companies can search for sites and determine their capabilities even before contacting them. 

Additionally, we work with the physicians that are in the database to document their qualifications, experience, and research interests.  Aligning physicians that have research interests that are in line with the study needs will create an atmosphere for success.  Physicians that are conducting research studies in their specific areas of research interest will likely be more productive than those that are only generally aligned based on medical specialty.

We are advocates for Investigators and Sites

Think of BioPharma Investigator as an extension of your business development efforts (at no cost to you).  We are constantly looking to match Investigators and Sites with Sponsors of clinical trials.  We do this as a service to our investigators and sites and do not charge you.  Our compensation comes from sponsors who use the BioPharma Investigator database to search for Investigators and conduct feasibility surveys.  


By collecting and storing basic site information in the BioPharma InvestigatorTM database we eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of initial site qualification from both the Investigator/site perspective, as well as, from the Sponsor perspective.  Most of the site feasibility surveys that are sent to potential investigators contain a litany of questions required to obtain basic site information.  For potential investigators, this becomes a frustrating and wasteful use of time to provide the same details over and over and over again!!  

Many potential investigators immediately discard the faxes or emails in annoyance, rather than completing another site survey asking similar questions in a different way.  For the sponsor, you will receive a report containing the site details in an organized and consolidated manner that will make your job of reviewing investigator/site qualifications much easier.  

Global Reach

Our BioPharma InvestigatorTM database contains information on potential investigators for around the globe.  We have information on more than 100,000 investigators and sites from more than 40 countries around the globe. 


We go beyond just providing a list of potential investigators

Once a preliminary list of potential investigators are identified, our built in survey tool is launched to get direct feedback regarding the feasibility of trial conduct at the site.  Since site demographic information is already available in the system, we get directly to the important study related questions.  Our survey tool guides the user through the process of setting up the survey to collect information across four important dimensions (standard of care, validation of inclusion criteria, competing studies and subject availability).  The survey tool is highly customizable so that the sponsor gets the critical information they to make site selection decisions.  

You receive a final report containing the list of investigators who responded, including their full contact information, a report on the site and its capabilities, information on the institution including important contacts and ethics committee information, and the survey results.  We also provide an Excel file containing the survey data so that you can further analyze the information and we provide an Excel file of the site contact information so that you can easily import that into other clinical systems.


Search on demand - Search without limits

You can perform as many searches and surveys as you want during your subscription period.  Your annual subscription fee allows you to perform as many searches as you desire.  Thus, allowing you to conduct feasibility on potential trials as well as current trials.  A basic search will yield you a list of potential investigators and information about their sites.   Adjusting the search filters will narrow your search to meet your basic investigator criteria.  We ask the common questions about site infrastructure and capabilities and store that information in the database.  You can easily eliminate sites based on their lack on capabilities without troubling them with endless questionnaires. You then select those sites that meet your basic criteria and present them with a survey to determine if they are capable of meeting the study needs. 


Beyond investigators - Find experts

The BioPharma InvestigatorTM database can also be used to find medical experts to support your other clinical needs such as advisory board or DSMB members.  Our comprehensive data collection methodology provides a data set that contains information on publication and research history to provide a full picture of our physician members.

Benefits for
investigators and sites

  • Expand your research opportunities
  • Help sponsors find you
  • Market your capabilities
  • Join with thousands of investigators worldwide
  • Exclusive BioPharma ranking based on your experience and qualifications

Benefits for sponsors

  • Quickly locate qualified investigators that match your study needs.
  • Global network for investigators
  • On-line feasibility
  • Exclusive BioPharma Investigator rank/score of potential investigators
  • Investigator profile

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