Benefits to Sponsors and CROs

Site selection is always a chore.  Its the same old thing, using old investigator lists, relying on recommendations from internal sources or using CROs to find sites.  Isn't it time to take control and reduce the time and cost associated with site recruitment.

At BioPharma InvestigatorTM, we have the answer.  Our database is loaded with high quality investigative sites that are just waiting to be contacted.  Our powerful search engine helps you find the right investigators with the right qualifications and the right facilities in a snap.  Don't take our word for it, our search results speak for themselves.  With every search you get a snapshot profile of each investigator you are interested in.  Not just their name and address, but their academic qualifications, research history and research interests.  Not only that, but you also get a snapshot of the site and their research infrastructure as part of the report.  All that without waiting for your internal team or CRO to build a database and send out a survey to a list of potential physician investigators, some of whom may not even be practicing medicine anymore.  

Of course, just because you have a list, that does not mean that the investigators have the subject population.  You still need to conduct the feasibility assessment for all the investigators on the list, right.  WRONG !  If you like the qualifications and capabilities of the physicians on the list (or just some of them) with a few clicks of a mouse, you are ale to launch a feasibility survey to gauge their interest and ability to recruit for your study.  No need to ask about the research infrastructure, practice type, or equipment, you already have those answers in hand.  What you get back from the survey are responses to your important study related questions, such as do they have the right patient population.  Ask any investigator and they will tell you, having to answer the same demographic questions over and over turn many of them off and they never even get past the first page of the survey.  No survey response ... No Investigator !!  Since you have the demographic information already available, you can get right to the science and engage your potential investigators at a scientific rather than administrative level.

Anyone can get a mailing list and send faxes or emails blindly to physicians, our list is opt-in, so we know the investigators are interested and their contact information is correct.  Old information .. not here ... we update the database information from each physician member regularly so we have the most up to date and accurate information for you to make your initial selection decisions.

What about cost, having all this information at the ready must cost a sponsor quite a bit.  We believe that our cost for a FULL YEAR of searches is less than the cost of a single site feasibility study performed by a CRO or the time and effort your internal team would require.

Contact us today and learn how we can save you time, effort and expense in the investigator selection process and deliver a quality result.

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