Benefits for Investigators and Sites

With the decrease in industry sponsored clinical trials, it is becoming increasing difficult for investigators to find trials and be selected by sponsors.  Becoming a member of the BioPharma InvestigatorTM community is one way in which you can share your experience and expertise with potential sponsors by creating an on-line presence. 

While you can certainly develop your own website to showcase your capabilities, that requires sponsors and CROs to search and find you, not to mention a financial investment.  BioPharma Investigator is a centralized database that is easily searchable by sponsor and CRO members.  Additionally there is no cost for you to be listed in the database, and no cost should you be selected for a trial.  Our fees are paid by or Sponsor/CRO members since this is a service that assists them.

With so many listing services, why should you choose BioPharma InvestigatorTM?  Well the short answer is that there is no reason not to list with us, nor any other free site as this can only increase your visibility.  The longer answer is that BioPhararma Investigator is dynamic and is always working for you.  We work with you and your site coordinator(s) to gather information that will assist Sponsor companies in making evaluation decisions.  Not only do we collect this information, we store in the database so that it can be accessed and updated by you and your staff at any time.  In fact, we will check in with you at least once per year to see if there are any changes or additions that need to be made to your profile.

What we aim to do with the information that is stored is to help Sponsors make decisions faster.  We help avoid the litany of questions regarding basic site capabilities, by having that information instantly available for sponsor review.  If your site meets the basic qualifications for a trial, then you would receive a feasibility survey asking directed questions about your ability to conduct the trial.

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Benefits for
investigators and sites

  • Expand your research opportunities
  • Help sponsors find you
  • Market your capabilities
  • Join with thousands of investigators worldwide
  • Exclusive BioPharma ranking based on your experience and qualifications

Benefits for sponsors

  • Quickly locate qualified investigators that match your study needs.
  • Global network for investigators
  • On-line feasibility
  • Exclusive BioPharma Investigator rank/score of potential investigators
  • Investigator profile

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